LondonChucks Ltd.

Website and digital marketing.

social media management for Londonchucks


LondonChucks Ltd.


Website, digital marketing, social media management.

Project Brief

LondonChucks Ltd is a top online store in the UK. They sell beauty, aphrodisiac and skincare products. They also have their own range of footwear and sunglasses.

We were tasked with designing their website as well as handling their brand strategy and social media management.

We are aware that the majority of users now access the internet through mobile devices, this is why our websites are first optimized for mobile devices. Our website designs are responsive across all screen sizes.

Our websites are also optimized for speed, SEO, and security.

The major features of the website include the shop pages, payment platform, shipment gateway and dispute pages.

The products are housed under different categories for a better user experience. You can add products to the cart, checkout with up to date shipment gateways and payment platforms. You can also choose to sign up for newsletters.

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