Google launches Bard, A ChatGPT AI Rival

Google has recently introduced Bard, its new conversational AI service powered by the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). The announcement was made by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, through a statement shared with TechCabal.

Google has described Bard as a “conversational AI service” that brings together the vast information of the world with the power, intelligence, and creativity of its large language models to provide answers to inquiries. Like ChapGPT, Bard uses online data to generate new and high-quality responses.

This announcement has generated much excitement following the launch of OpenAI’s long-form question-answering AI, ChatGPT, which can answer complex questions through conversation. The key difference between Bard and ChatGPT is that Bard can provide information on recent events, while ChatGPT is limited to events up until 2021.

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In last week’s earnings call, CEO Pichai emphasized that AI has been a focus for the company for the past six years. From introducing Transformers, the mother of modern language models, in 2017, to unveiling the state-of-the-art big language model, LaMDA, in 2021, Google has continuously placed AI at the center of its efforts.

With the arrival of Bard, its various AI-powered features will soon be integrated into Google Search, serving the billions of daily users who perform 5.6 billion searches daily and approximately 2 trillion global searches annually.

Google will first release a lightweight version of LaMDA, which requires much less computing power, allowing Bard to reach more users and gather more feedback. Currently, Bard is only available to trusted testers before its official release in the coming weeks.

In the coming months, Google plans to reveal more AI tools and make them accessible to individual developers, creators, and enterprises.

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