Impressive Milestone as Nigeria’s GIGM Integrates e-wallet, bill payment features

GIGM, a Nigeria-based mobility giant has just launched a payment service for its users. The move is the first step in a new direction by the company to becoming a one-stop-shop for its customers.

The company made a dramatic transition from traditional transport and logistics company to a technology-first business model in September 2019. The move began with a name change. They replaced ‘motors’ with ‘mobility’.

Okhae Enahoro, GIGM’s new CEO, told Techpoint Africa, “When you look at the word mobility, it means the ability to move freely. Movement in itself may not necessarily mean physically transporting yourself from one place to another.

“It just basically means advancement. It can mean growth. So when you look at these definitions, you realise that we’re trying to enable lifestyles, so we want to bring services to people that allow them to do things easily.”

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This service is expected to be available in Nigeria, where the headquarter’s is situated for now. With the super app, you can carry out financial transactions like payments for airtime, electricity bills, cable TV, and Internet data.

The company plans to roll out this feature to other African countries in the next few years.

Impressive Milestone as Nigeria's GIGM Integrates e-wallet, bill payment features
GIGM’s new bills payment and e-wallet features. Image Source – TechCabal

The super app model isn’t new and has in fact gained popularity over the years. GIGM appear to be in good company with the likes of WeChat and Alipay in China attaining massive success.

Africa also hasn’t been left behind. There have in fact been some companies that have attained success with their super app. Opay, Gozem, Safeboda, and Gokada come to mind.

But the competition does not seem to phase GIGM, according to a conversation Jude Odum, GIGM’s Chief Operating Officer, had with TechCabal. He told TechCabal, “It is the ability to be moved or move freely and easily. The freedom associated with mobility is the experience we are making available to customers.”

In fact, he expects app users to hit a million by the end of 2022.

When quizzed about what the next feature will be, Odum said, “Today it’s bills payment, tomorrow it could be a crowdfunding-based investment platform or a crypto wallet.”

The reason behind the super-app direction is that GIGM wants to eliminate the need to use multiple apps to carry out daily tasks. This is why payments and e-wallet were the first non-core mobility features to be pushed.

According to Kenneth Nwanganga, GIGM’s Chief Technology Officer, “The COVID-19 pandemic gave insights to the unimaginable capabilities of technology and its application. As all aspects of life become digitised, Nigerians now have more reasons and opportunities to connect with the GIGM brand, beyond transportation”


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