Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Veteran Investor Olumide Soyombo in His Memoir “Vantage”

Access Corporation’s Group CEO, Herbert Wigwe, has hailed the book “Vantage” as a groundbreaking treatise on the rapid growth of the tech industry in Nigeria. Wigwe went as far as describing it as the “most important book” to have emerged on this subject to date.

“Vantage” delves into the expanding tech space in Nigeria, shedding light on the remarkable advancements and developments that have taken place in recent years. Authored by a team of industry experts, the book offers invaluable insights into the challenges, opportunities, and potential that the Nigerian tech scene holds.

Wigwe’s endorsement of “Vantage” comes as no surprise, given his position as the Group CEO of Access Corporation, a prominent financial institution in Nigeria. Access Corporation has been at the forefront of supporting tech startups in the country through various initiatives and partnerships.

The book offers an in-depth analysis of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria, highlighting key players, innovations, and success stories that have emerged over the years. It serves as a comprehensive guide for investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers seeking to navigate the dynamic Nigerian tech landscape.

The inclusion of quotes in the article helps to add credibility and authority to the endorsement made by Herbert Wigwe. This not only emphasizes the importance of “Vantage” but also draws attention to Access Corporation’s role in supporting the tech sector in Nigeria.

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