Google Employees Slam CEO Pichai Over Bard AI Rushed Launch

Google Employees Slam CEO Pichai Over Bard AI Rushed Launch

Google employees are voicing their criticisms of the company’s leadership over its handling of the announcement of its ChatGPT competitor, Bard. Internal forum Memegen saw staff express their frustration over what they saw as rushed and botched tactics.

Reports have shown that some employees even took to attacking CEO Sundar Pichai directly, calling the strategy “myopic.”

Bard was publicly divulged earlier this week to try to get ahead of a Microsoft event, with further details revealed in Paris on Wednesday. During the Paris event, there were technical hitches and an incorrect description of a telescope in a Bard advertisement on Twitter.

Although Memegen is known for its lighthearted humour, the posts that followed the Bard announcement adopted a more serious tone. Some Google employees have criticized leadership for being short-sighted and not taking a long-term view.

The criticism appears to stem from concerns that Google’s response to Microsoft’s event was rushed and validated the market’s fear of the company’s competitive edge in the AI industry. In response to the employee complaints, a Google representative declined to comment.

These events have caused some concern over the future of Google’s position in the AI industry, and it has raised questions about the company’s competitiveness against ChatGPT.

At an all-hands meeting last year, employees asked about the company’s strategy to compete with ChatGPT as it gained popularity.

Executives reportedly responded by saying that Google’s reputation could suffer if it moved too quickly with AI chat technology, which is still far from perfect. This week’s events have shown that Google’s fears may have come true, with the backlash from employees and the company’s position in the AI market both appearing to be threatened.

It remains to be seen what Google’s next steps will be and how it will address the concerns of its employees.

Some industry observers have speculated that this backlash might indicate a larger problem with Google’s corporate culture and management structure.

Given the pace of technological advancement and the competitive landscape of the AI industry, it will be interesting to see how Google responds to the challenges it now faces with its Bard AI.

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