Google refuse to launch ChatGPT rival because of ‘reputational risk’

Google has developed AI language models that are as powerful as OpenAI‘s ChatGPT, however, due to the risks posed by the technology, Google has taken a more conservative approach in launching it.

Google has opted to improve its search engine with subtle changes, while also launching AI Test Kitchen to give users a taste of its chatbot technology.

“We are absolutely looking to get these things out into real products and into things that are more prominently featuring the language model rather than under the covers, which is where we’ve been using them to date,” said Dean.

“But, it’s super important we get this right.” Pichai added that Google has a “a lot” planned for AI language features in 2023, and that “this is an area where we need to be bold and responsible so we have to balance that.”

OpenAI, on the other hand, has opened its LLM technology to the public, with ChatGPT, resulting in high levels of publicity and hype.

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