Uplinq and Visa Join Forces to Empower Entrepreneurs”

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Uplinq Financial Technologies and Visa have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to improve credit access for small businesses in the US and Canada. Uplinq, known as the first global credit decisioning support platform for small business lenders, will leverage its advanced credit decisioning technology and Visa’s expansive reach within financial institutions to offer an […]

Discover the Revolutionary VirtuLook by Wondershare: Transforming Product Image Generation

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Wondershare, a leading AI software company, has recently unveiled a revolutionary product called VirtuLook. This cutting-edge AI tool aims to transform the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and e-commerce entrepreneurs create product images. In today’s competitive market, visual representation plays a crucial role in the success of SMBs and e-commerce startups. Compelling and high-quality […]

California Law Requires Companies to Reveal Diversity Metrics

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California Introduces New Bill Requiring Venture Capital Firms to Report Founder Diversity In a bid to promote equality and inclusivity, California has unveiled a new bill that aims to shed light on the diversity landscape within the venture capital industry. This legislation mandates venture capital firms operating within the state to report the diversity breakdown […]

The Truth Behind Tomorrow University’s $10M Series A Pitch Deck

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Tomorrow University, an education-based startup, has successfully secured a remarkable $10 million in funding for their project. The company, which specializes in providing innovative educational solutions, has managed to outshine its competitors and create a buzz in the industry. This achievement is significant, as acquiring such a substantial amount of funding in the education sector […]

Brine Fi: Find Out How It Scored a $16.5M Funding Round Led by Pantera

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Brine Fi Emerges as a Safer Option for Crypto Traders After FTX Collapse In the wake of the FTX collapse, cryptocurrency traders are actively seeking decentralized and non-custodial platforms to execute their orders and safeguard their assets. This search for more secure options has sparked increased investor interest in decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs) like Brine […]

How Diversifying Revenue Streams Can Save Small Businesses

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Small businesses are embracing the strategy of diversifying their revenue streams to stay competitive in today’s uncertain economic climate. This trend of combining various income sources under one roof, known as multi-hyphenate businesses, is on the rise. Wineries are merging with tasting rooms, bookshops are adding cozy cafes, and beauty salons are expanding into retail. […]

Why Google Appointed Alex Okosi as Managing Director for Africa

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Google has appointed Alex Okosi as its Managing Director for Africa, with the aim of driving innovation and expanding digital accessibility across the continent. Okosi, a Nigerian-born media and tech executive, will be responsible for spearheading Google’s operations in Africa, including programs to support the growth of businesses and economies. Before joining Google, Okosi had […]

MTN Nigeria Chooses American Towers as New Partner Amid Intense Boardroom Battle

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MTN Nigeria has announced that its tower operations will be taken over by the Nigerian subsidiary of American Towers Corp. (ATC) starting in 2025. The decision comes after the expiration of the lease agreement between MTN and IHS Towers, which currently operates MTN’s 2,500 network sites. MTN cited ATC’s superior bid submission as the reason […]

FedEx Unveils More Expensive New Shipping Rates for 2024

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FedEx has recently revealed its plans to implement shipping rate adjustments that will impact small businesses. These adjustments, which are set to take effect on January 1, 2024, will result in an average increase of 5.9% across various FedEx services. Among the changes announced by FedEx are rate increases for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and […]


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